Total Raised in 2014: $140,010

Are you looking for a new, fresh and interesting challenge?  
Then I invite you to join us in the individual RUN FOR THE HEROES – 260 MILE RUN ACROSS GEORGIA and RELAY from May 21st to May 25th, Memorial Day Weekend.  The Race is limited to five days, so about 2 marathons a day for five days, or about one 100K a day for four days, or 87 miles a day for three days.  Pick your challenge.

Or join us for a 260 mile team relay race. The relay is a 2 day adventure across the countryside of southern Georgia. You and up to seven of your friends will have a great time running and navigating through this unique relay running adventure.

This race was created because most of us were born free, free to follow our heart, and free to do as we please. How and why this freedom has happened is taken for granted by many. This freedom is the result of sacrifices made by many men and women who have served in the military of which we have an infinite debt.

All of us, including myself, invest our time and money in activities and products in order to reward ourselves or make ourselves feel better. The House of Heroes provides assistance to our military veterans and public safety and/or their spouses by making repairs, improvements and maintenance to their homes at no charge to them. Talk about a great way to make yourself and others feel better, volunteer or donate to this worthy cause. Helping those who have helped us will provide a warmth inside of you of which nothing money can buy or activities can provide.

We encourage all who participate in this event to promote and fund-raise for the House of Heroes and our Veterans. Please join me in using our love of running to help this worthy cause.

John Teeples
Ultra Marathoner

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